A strategy defines main directions and objectives of our PR activities. It can be related to a company entry on the market, or a product launch and their further growth.

Based on our in-depth market knowledge as well as legal environment we advise our clients in defining the most effective way for a company, an institution or a product to communicate with the market environment.

We analyse the environment in which the company operates as well as its previous marketing activities. We define clear goals and objectives of Public Relations activities and aligned them with business and sales objectives of the company. We identify target groups (B2B or B2C) and their needs. We develop a communication strategy of a company or a brand. We categorise tools and channels in order to create a comprehensive, integrated campaign that will bring tangible, measurable results. In the framework of the agreed budget we optimize our Public Relations plan, social media and other paid forms of promotion or advertising (if needed). We create an action plan along with a detailed media plan.

We can also develop educational or thought leadership campaigns aimed at showing important causes or issues, engaging local communities or some advocacy groups. In such cases, we nurture the relationship with professional associations, local community groups, trade organizations or institutions.