We analyze the company's presence online. We take care about online media relations activities. We nurture good relationship with users; we run contests, inform about new products, promotions, etc. Buzz marketing - word of the mouth on forums, social networks and blog sites. We develop and operate online press office. We monitor the Internet.

Social media

We prepare a communication strategy in social media. We select the most effective channels and tools categorised according to needs of a company or a product, and adapted to specific requirements of our audiences. We run the official accounts, 'fan pages on social media channels as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Goldenline. We create groups, generate discussions, engage participants. We design and develop applications in the form of competitions, games, multimedia (apps for Facebook, etc.). We run blogs. The key to success is creative and pragmatic content management. We integrate websites with social media channels.


We create various kind of blogs, beginning from concept, through graphic design and software along with regular updates based on the creative content management. We edit the the content, if needed we take care about experts opinions.

Newsletter and E-mail marketing

  • We edit and distribute newsletters. We develop a database along with mailing lists for newsletter distribution. We take care about its content, creative inputs, design, graphics and messaging.

Company website

If needed, we build your website that will serve its purpose. Our professional partners will design web pages according to your specific requirements or you can select a template and we customize it the way you want. We can add amazing apps to your website, image slideshow, web forms, blog, online store, photo gallery, calendar, Google Maps, Paypal Checkout Button, YouTube videos, Google translate, social media share buttons (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest).

Copywriting / Content Management

We provide an exciting content that plays crucial role in effective communications. We will search for valuable facts, figures and stories that appeal to your audiences, solve problems, inspire imagination. We take care about copywriting, approvals, proof-reading. The content can involve feature articles, opinions, case studies, video, audio, multimedia etc. The usual stages in our content management are the following: collecting data, editing, publishing (publishing, in this context, means making the content available to users), oversight, including managing updates and version control. We customize the content according to your web pages, newsletter, press office requirements.