Corporate Public Relations

Communication strategy – We analyse the environment in which the company operates on the market as well as its previous marketing activities. We identify groups of customers (B2B or B2C). We define goals of Public Relations activities and aligned them with business objectives of a company. Based on this, we develop a strategy and select the most effective communication channels and tools aimed to create, build or strengthen reputation of a company or organization. This is a starting point to develop our media plan.

  • Media Relations - we cooperate with journalists representing all the media and all verticals. We organize press conferences, briefings, interviews. We develop and distribute press releases, case studies, white papers, comments to relevant media. On daily basis we monitor and analyse media coverage in order to have a full picture of a situation.

    When needed, we can also provide media training for a company executive or a spokesperson.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sponsorship - Based on company values we develop an action plan in order to create or strengthen relationships with required business groups.
  • Crisis communication – We develop an action plan in case crisis: we define potential threats and problems, we advise on crisis communications management.
  • Executive positioning – We advise on how to build credibility and reputation of person occupying a key position in a company or institution.

Product/Brand Public Relations

Good concept + effective communication = success on the market

  • Communication strategy – In line with marketing good practices, we analyse the market and competition, as well as previous marketing activities. We define clear goals for Product Public Relations and aligned them with business and sales objectives of a company. We identify clients and customers (B2C and B2B). We pinpoint key messages, stories and content types to be used at different stages, which capture best values of a product/brand and its unique selling points. We develop the strategy, which includes the most effective channels and communication tools. This is our starting point for designing action and detailed media plan.
  • Media Relations - We integrate traditional media such as newspapers, online, radio, television combined with skilful use of social media and blogs. We work with journalists representing all media and all market verticals. We collaborate with more than 1,000 journalists. We develop from scratch all kind of press materials. We collect facts and figures, draft text, take care about approvals and proof reading. We distribute the final version to relevant journalists. E.g.:
         - Press Releases
         - Case study
         - White papers
         - Comments.

We do follow up in order to draw journalists attention to our messages, specific topics, views, opinions. At the request, we provide additional materials and photos.
We organize press conferences, briefings.

We arrange interviews and face to face meetings with company executives and/or brand managers.

Every day we collect media clippings and analyse their content in terms of alignment with the product/ brand values.

Crisis Communications

  • Crisis communication – Since no one can foresee the future, it is best to prepare the right strategy and tactics in advance that will be ready to implement, when unexpected occurs. We identify key areas of possible threats, we develop a plan and advise on crisis communication in order to avoid chaos. If needed we train staff and implement crisis communications procedures. We take care about all media relations. We support any company in a capacity of a spokesperson for a company or a brand during the crisis.

    Fast and effective actions can prevent the adverse effects and crisis escalation. Thus, the company reputation that has been built for years will not suffer due to temporary problems.