The widespread availability of high speed internet access, and continuous progress of mobile technologies determine directions in which brand and corporate communications are moving. Digital media have opened up new channels of communication, provided the basis to build even closer relationships with customers. At the same time prompted the need to develop interactive communication between the company and its audience, based on dialogue.

We prepare a communication strategy on social media. We select the most effective channels and tools categorised according to needs of a company or a product, and adapted to specific requirements of our audiences. We run the official accounts, 'fan pages on social media channels as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Goldenline. We create groups, generate discussions, engage participants. We design and develop applications in the form of competitions, games, multimedia (apps for Facebook, etc.). We run blogs. The key to success is creative and pragmatic content management. We integrate websites with social media channels.


Company, product, executive blog - we are familiar with these concepts

We do blogs beginning from concept, through graphic design and software until regular updates based on the creative content management. We write blog content, we take care about appealing content , we include also experts opinions and feature articles.
We collaborate with bloggers covering very many subjects.